Twin Cities

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By Kyriakos Kaziras

Twin Cities ... At first glance, these cities are different in every way. Their continent, their inhabitants, their culture ... But if we look a little closer, similarities appear. From New York to London, from Venice to Paris, from Hong Kong to Amsterdam or Vienna, Kyriakos managed to photograph the spirit of each city and its inhabitants, staying away from tourist clichés. He captured their magnificence, creating an imaginary bridge between them. His photographs bring to mind the mystery of the night, the poetry of the reflections, the harmony of the water. They convey into us the whole energy of each city, the music of its inhabitants, the movement of life. Throughout the pages, the reader enters a city maze. He wanders in places a hundred times traveled, and yet new ... Each page, each street corner is the scene of a new emotional meeting. By their simplicity, the sobriety of their composition, and their dreamlike aspect, the photographs take us from city to city, and make us discover the universal link between all these cities and their inhabitants.

At the end of your stroll through the photographs of Kyriakos, you will be overwhelmed, and you will look at the city in a different way …

Size : 27,5 cm x 32,5 cm / 10.8 inc x 12.8 inc
140 photos - 180 pages

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